Going to offbeat places knowing its culture and people on whole another level can be really interesting sometimes. Situated in Kerala, Vagamon still stays an unexplored place. 1100 meters above the sea level with lush green fields and clear blue sky this place has a serenity to gift every traveler.

  • Marmala waterfall
Soak your soul into this heavenly place.

Marmala waterfall is the most celebrated place by travelers. Located on the Erattupetta route and being hidden for a few years as it falls inside a private estate. This fall itself is a personification of calmness and bliss. You can take local transport or rent a cab and while driving to this place you will come across some beautiful sceneries. In case you are traveling with your family then you can also plan for a small picnic here.

  • Barren Hills
Paddle a little more on these lush green fields.

Barren Hills of Vagamon is another best place to visit. You might get mislead by the name but it has some amazing breathtaking views. Depending on the season you visit you can witness, lush green fields going barren and back to lush as season keep cycling.

  • Vagamon pine forest
Get lost into the woods.

How about taking a tour to the man-made pine forest of Vagamon. Constructed during the British era and now maintained by the locals Vagamon Pine Forest is a beautiful place to visit. This place tops the Bollywood shooting list as many shoots were done here. You can go for long walks or just sit under a pine tree and inhale some fresh air.

  • Thangalpara
Give a mystical touch to your trip.

In case you are looking for something mystical then the next spot you can head is Thangalpara. It is a huge rock on the edge of the precipice and was once a resting place of Harsath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba a revered Sufi saint. It receives number of visitors every day and the best part is that you have to trek to reach this mythical place. And this is the second-best viewpoint from where you can eye-witness the entire Vagamon valley.

  •  Vagamon Lake
Row a boat while having some stunning views.

Vagamon Lake is not that huge but huge enough to offer boating, rowing, and other water activities. This place is another crowd puller and you can also watch stunning sunrises and sunsets.

This place is gradually getting attention from the tourist around the world as it offers some crazy adventures like rock climbing, boating, trekking, you can also go for cycling into the woods, breath some fresh air and enjoy the life away from civilization.

The Kerala Tourism Department and the Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism Academy (AASTA) celebrates paragliding festival each year which is joined by locals and tourists from around the world.

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