Kasol used to be a sleepy village lying on the way to Manikaran. Which is now a huge destination for backpackers and travelers. Many times mistaken as Mini Israel (Thanks to big boards which are written in Hebrew), Nestled in the Parvati valley Kasol has some breathtaking views to hand out and for sure mountains are not the only high here. Smoky cafes and Parvati roaring on another side will make sure that you have a happy high day &  night.

If in case you are craving for a getaway but have a tight pocket, then Kasol is the best place to head out as it offers cheap stays and food (Price may vary from shop to shop)

  • Chalal
The scenic beauty of Parvati Valley.

About 20 mins away from Kasol, Chalal lies on the side of the Parvati river. Walkthrough the pine forest to reach Chalal. This place usually stays isolated as tourists mostly travel to Tosh and Kheerganga. Amidst these silent woods, people come for some crazy rave parties which take place on some particular days of the year. Sit on a rock on the side of whooping Parvati river and appreciate the beauty of nature.

  • Kheerganga Trek
Trek down the most daunting treks.

The most daunting treks near Kasol, Kheerganga sets on 3978 meters above the sea level. You can reach Kheerganga through two ways Rudranag and Kalga-Pulga these two routes diverts from Bharsaini. To jot down these two routes are completely different. You will find more cafes and resting places on the Kalga-Pulga route as it is plain and doesn’t have any forest around. Whereas Rudranag route in bit sloppy, covered with dense forest and have streams on the way.

  • Manikaran
The epitome of serenity.

Almost 4 km away from Kasol Manikaran is a  pilgrimage famous for its hot water springs, This place holds equal importance for both Hindus and Sikhs. People from distinct places come here to take a dip into the healing holy water. This gurudwara cooks its food in hot water rather than using fire and it is enough to satisfy the hunger of people coming here.

  • Tosh
Witness the beauty of Tosh valley and its people.

Trek down to Tosh from Kasol, which can be taken from Barshaini a hamlet in between Kasol and Tosh.  It’s about 22 km from Kasol which can be completed in an average of 4-5 hours. This trek is the easiest as compared to other treks in Kasol.  If you are not willing to trek than rent a taxi or bike. Tosh is beautifully placed in the lap of lush green fields under the clear blue sky (actually on clear days) with water streams and meadows surrounded.

You can plan to stay in Tosh village, as soon as you will get there you can see little tods following you all way long. Tosh has many small cafes that offer food as well as stay.

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Enter the village of secrets.

Find out the secrets of Malana, famous for its cannabis( Hashish) and it’s the oldest democracy. Malana holds many secrets in its heart. The sad part is one can not stay at night here yet has to depart before it is dark.

  • Kutla
Lost yourself in the beauty of Kutla.

An offbeat village which still remains unexplored unravels into green meadows, on a distance of 2 hours trek Kutla is a beautiful place to visit and admit the serenity of the place. This place doesn’t have any concrete buildings like Tosh and Kasol and has very fewer places to stay or camp. But still, people do camp here enjoying the night sky. During the trek to Kutla you will see some stunning waterfalls and different varieties of flowers (depending on the season you are visiting.) The beauty of Kutla is untouched that glaciers seem to be a stone throw away.

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