How about Goa this valentine? Apart from its booze, beaches, and parties Goa is much more than that some hidden islands and trails haunted churches or How about finding a hidden waterfall away from civilization? Or watching the sunset from a secluded beach?

If you want to escape the world with your wooer then these are some great places to get going in Goa. Then pick, pack your bags and elope with the person who holds your heart.

  • Stay at Fort Tiracol
Bird’s Eye view of Fort Tiracol.

Take yourself back to the 17th century by booking yourself a stay at Fort Tiracol which was once an armed citadel owned by Portuguese and now is content to spend the remainder of its days on a cliff enjoying the kaleidoscopic view of Arabian sea. Imagine staying with your partner within these oldfangled walls on atop of cliff surrounded by the boundless Arabian sea.

  • Breathtaking sunset at Butterfly Island.
Watch some beautiful sunsets at Butterfly Beach.

Go hand in hand for a long walk through the coastline of this semi-circular island which is a beach and home for some exotic species of butterflies with attached calmness and bliss to it. The fact that it is accessed by boats will give you an impression of Island, watching breathtaking sunset with your sweetheart alongside acrobatics of dolphins will surely give you a feeling of utopia. 

  • Swing with your partner round and round at Curlies.
Go psychedelic at Curlies.

If you two are one of those couples who like to bang their heads together on high BPM regardless it is valentines and people around you are going lovey-dovey, Curlies ladle out hippie crowd which will take you to the old Goa days when hippie culture was on its peak.

Too much dancing right! Give your feet some rest sit on the shack, order a few drinks and enjoy gigantic coastline alongside Hippies.

  • Insane parties at Titos Lane.
An evening in Titos Lane.

Famous for its clubs and people Titos Lane is the best place to shake your booty. A lane covered with n-number of pubs next to each other possess some great music and crowd, after all this how about a fish spa? or getting a tattoo? Titos Lane has everything you look for from good food to an amazing crowd.

  • Harvalem waterfall and caves.
Witness the undiscovered beauty of Harvalem falls.

 Why not do something offbeat this valentine’s Incase you haven’t heard about Harvalem waterfall and only came across falls like Jog or Dudhsagar then you need to update your list. Witness this beautiful waterfall with your valentine. The fall is situated in a secluded place which makes it a great hideaway for you both.

  • Dinner at Thalassa
An evening in Thalassa.

After a long tiring day take your partner for some ritzy dinner at Thalassa. A little piece of Greece in the middle of Goa with a great combination of music and waterfront location, famous for its sunsets. So if you are tired of going on candlelight dinners you both can enjoy some fine wine while watching the beautiful sunset.

Make this valentine a little bit more exciting, Make some never forgetting promises, take some long walks in the golden sand of beaches, Inhale all the love and cheerfulness. This valentine tell them how important they are to you.

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