Planning for a trip this Holi? And still, stuck where to go? Well, we have sorted out this for you. This Holi-day why to sit at home when you can travel and enjoy Holi of distinct places. 

There are places that have a unique way of celebrating Holi be it with yellow Gulal or by performing Martia-Arts, they have the beauty of their own. 

Anand Pur Sahib.

 Holla Mohala is one of its kind Holi, celebrated in Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara, Rangpura. This 3-day festival is one of the most celebrated festivals of Sikhs. The first day starts with the reading of Guru Granth Sahib, which is further followed by Chantings and Kirtans. In the form of blessings, Prasad is distributed among all the theists so as to start the performances which include Gatka, Sword fighting, archery, and horse racing. Each day langar is served in the form of Prasad and the last day is followed by a possession that is carried out by Panj Pyares. 


A perfect blend of Holi and folk, Basanta Utsav was initiated by Rabindranath Tagore to welcome spring in a colorful way in Santinekatan. Since then the legacy has been continued and every year students of Vishwa Bharti University perform folk dance and music, play with colors (especially yellow). Away from loud music and hard colors, come play Holi with the people of Shantiniketan and experience the serenity in their Holi colors.  


Meanwhile, the whole world plays Holi with colors the case is slightly different here in Barsana. Women are ready with their lathis instead of Gulal to beat men who approach to throw color on her. The entire town gathers in front of Bake Bihari Temple to play lath maar Holi. And to add the men are provided with shields in order to protect them(Yeah! They have to protect them from all those bruces.) 


Hampi is the only place in the south to play Holi and that too with full enthusiasm. This old ruined dynasty of Vijaynagara celebrated the gaga hold in the south. The only difference is that there is no Holika Dehan, and the day’s end stamps by taking bath in the Tungabhadra river. Hampi is worth going during Holi. 


Celebrated in Purualia district of West Bengal, Holi in Purulia starts before the actual Holi. Here people celebrate Holi by showcasing their folk dance, music and different forms of art. This simple yet beautiful Holi of Purulia will enchant you with the folks they present. So now what you are waiting for? Go pick, pack your bags before Holi gets over.


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