Nestled in Himachal Pradesh and surrounded by snow-clad peaks of Deo Tibba and Chanderkhani, Malana is a secluded village whose habits and traditions are alien to the outsiders or for nearby villages, It sets at an altitude of 9500 ft above the sea level.  Malana village holds a great history in its heart.
Welcome to Malana Village.

Considered as the oldest Democracy in the world Malana village, it’s culture, rules, tradition, people and everything you can name of. There are many secrets that still remain hidden in the world and which eventually attracts travelers from around the world. Popular for its Hash (charas) and secrets kept Malana is a beautiful place to visit during the months of May till October.  

  • The Touch me not village.
Watch them dancing, watch them rubbing. But don’t touch them!

Do you still think that ‘TOUCH ME NOT IS A PAST THING?’ then my friend you need to update yourself. Sounds weird but yes as soon as you enter the village there are few rules and paths to be followed specially made for tourists. The first and foremost thing You cannot touch any temple or local or anything there, even if you did they will run for a bath and you will be charged with fine. Even when you buy anything from the local shop you have to keep the money on the counter, in short, they avoid any way of physical contact. This so because they consider themselves superiors. (I mean yeah, they rub out the best cannabis in the whole wide world.)

  • Descendants of Alexander ‘THE GREAT’.
They are always camera ready.

People blessed with the beauty of Aphrodite. Greek beauty is world-famous. And having the genes of such a country is amazing. Malani’s consider themselves as descendants of Alxendar ‘THE GREAT’.  As few people from his army took shelter here after getting wounded in a battle with Punjab. Though there is no such evidence to prove that.

  • The dialect of the devil.

Dialects changes from place to place and one dialect can be base on other dialects. Kanashi (Dialect of the devil) is spoken by Malanis. It has been noticed and said that one cannot learn this language (especially a tourist) even if in case you learn two-three sentences you cannot speak it. They don’t even talk in Kanashi with tourists so that the sanctity of language is maintained.

  • Pattern of houses.
Houses in Malana resemble each other.

I don’t know it is weird or not but Malani’s have the same patterns of houses. Usually, they have two or three stories. Each story is dedicated for something particular, the ground floor or Khudang is reserved for cattle and other animals the owner owns. Gaying to the first floor of the house is kept for wool weaving and food keeping. The topmost floor with the balcony also called Pati is actually the living area, meant for sleeping, sitting and etc.

NOTE: Malana has been closed for tourists for night stays so you have to leave before it starts getting dark. And to add Malani’s are very protective about their ladies and things, so do follow the instructions they tell you.

I personally believe that you know a place when you visit there. So plan a trip to Malana this weekend and find out some more secrets and taboos. Enjoy some breathtaking views, breathe some fresh air and let the trail began.

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