India is a land of diversity, where every color, architecture even flower has its specific meaning. Every street, corner or even a ‘Chai-Wala’ has own story to tell, you just have to look around and listen carefully. 

As soon as March hits India every street and every human is doused in colors of love, prosperity, friendship, peace, and every imaginable color. The most awaited festival of the year ‘Holi’ is celebrated where the whole country is alive in mesmerizing colors. What else can be the best way to paint yourself in the colors of the Rainbow? 

Holi is celebrated to mark the end of Winters and starting of the spring season. Although according to Hindu Mythology the story is completely different. The colors we use in Holi have significant meaning to them. 

I have jotted down the meaning of a few colors for you people, you might find something interesting. 


Red: The color of strength and love.

The color of love, strength and a symbol of holy matrimony. The red color is the metaphor of fertility, passion, and opulence. Out of seven chakras, The Muladhara Chakra or Base chakra which implies energy, courage,and stability is of red color. This Holi wishes your cherished ones not only with the color love but with strength and passion.

Blue: The color of Joy.

The sky is blue and so is our mighty Lord Krishna. Blue-The color of Joy and prosperity is one of the most sold colors in Mathura snd Vrindavan. The color of tranquility and trust adds cheerfulness to the aura. 

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Green: The color of stabilization.

The heart Chakra (one of the seven chakras), Nature, and The mother earth, Everywhere you look around it’s green or have a dash of green. Symbolizes health, growth, and liveliness, Green color helps stabilize the mind as well. On this Holi color, your cherished once in the shades of serenity and prosperity and wish them great wellbeing and riches.

Yellow: Symbol of Royalty.

Yellow, The color of warmth, Knowledge, learning, and Royalty is very auspicious in Hindu culture and marks the beginning of the spring season. Yellow holds great importance in Hindu culture, every auspicious thing begins with yellow color be it food, clothes or kumkum.

Saffron: Symbol of Purity.

The symbol of purity and in Hindu culture, it is considered as the most sacred color of all. Although distinct colors inspire an emotional reaction, none is passionate as Saffron. It is the color of warmth, success, and flamboyance. 

There is more to color than what we just see. Color influences perception, emotions, thoughts, and health. Explore how different colors connects with our mind and soul. So this Holi colors your loved ones in a unique way, With a meaning. 

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