Nestled in Kangra Himachal Pradesh Bir Billing is famous for its adventures especially for Paragliding. These two towns Bir and Billing are 14km apart from each other but are counted as one. Due to there paragliding points. Apart from paragliding, there are many other things which you can explore.

Paragliding in Bir

Paragliding at bir billing

Experience the majestic view of BirBilling.

Have you come across the trending paragliding video of Vipin Sahu? (No I am not telling you to experience some sort of thing and tell your paragliding instructor ‘Yaar Land karade bas’ .) Bir is famous for its paragliding as so far you have known. People from around the country and few International adventurers come here to experience the sore beauty of nature.

Nothing could be more eventful then experiencing the nature from the top, like a bird (Just the difference is you won’t be having wings just a couple of parachutes attached to you.) In this 30 min paragliding, Paragliders are shooted from the height of 2400 meters, now just imagine the view beneath you, lush green fields surrounded by snow-clad mountains. Apart from January and December Bir is open for paragliding as usually in this month it experiences snowfall.



Trek on the white snowy sheets.

Apart from paragliding Bir also offers some beautiful treks to the people who are adventure enthusiasts. There are some easy and hard treks, treks that can stretch for 1 week or can end in a few hours. On the way, you will come across lush green meadows surrounded by Himalayan Flora and Fauna. Some of the trekking destinations are Manimahesh Lake, Chamba over Jalsu Pass and Sach Pass to Pangi Lake.



Camp under the sky full of stars.

Staying in a hotel becomes boring at times, and when you are surrounded by mountains you cannot miss a chance to stay outside in the lap of green lush fields beneath the glittery sky full of stars. Of course, it will be cold outside but the adventure is equal to gathering some new experiences with fun. Spending your days in these tents will give you some new experience to cherish when you will get back to your cage(home.)
Explore the soothing side of Bir visit some of the most popular monasteries Sherab ling and Chokling, wander in streets of Bir, Enjoy the local food. Learn meditation, philosophy, art, and culture at Deer Park Institute.

There is much more than paragliding in Bir, it just takes a few steps and little courage to explore a place. This holiday find something new about this place and hope you come across something which this world still doesn’t know.

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