Tamil Nadu is a cosmopolitan state. We all appreciate the stunning views along with the spectacular culture of the state, accompanied by some praiseworthy hill stations. Tamil Nadu is a South Indian state, fueled with fame for its Dravidian-style Hindu temples. And renowned for its well-defined architecture and traditional places, which you should definitely pay a visit. So here are the best places to visit in Tamil Nadu.


Starting from Ooty, which is also known as “the queen of hill stations” it’s the most popular tourist place. The place got some stunning sceneries with solace, and if you are a person endowed with profound moral and spiritual insight that enjoys the company and embraces the loneliness. Then this is the perfect location for you without any fail. Except for all these, you can participate in different entities like camping with the pun of bonfire carried forward with some light music.


This is the place where you will realize the party of the earth is never dead. Kodaikanal has some outstanding views of hills, valleys, waterfall, and a person can also enjoy the delightful pleasure of camping with their family members. If you are a shopaholic, just like every other girl then this place is the ideal location for you as Kodaikanal is famous for scents, trinkets, souvenirs, jewelry, and aromatic oils. How come we can forget about trekking? As it’s the most magnificent thing to do as well as the nature walk which carries a lot for which words can never describe.


Heaven of peace in God’s own country, Nilgiri is the absolute destination for those who love to travel or for the people who have a road trip on their bucket list. The Nilgiri hills are the part of a larger mountain chain known as the Western Ghats.  The place has some very impressive tourist attractions like Doddabetta Peak, Government botanical garden, etc. Nilgiris is India’s first Biosphere reserve, so camping around the plantation is a great idea to feel nature and observe how farmers deck out the farms so beautifully.


If you are a backpacker, then this must be your destination someday because this place is famous for its exceptional adventures like trekking, camping, and whatnot. It’s a complete package full of surprises when it comes to staying then  Munnar, the cliff hut is a very interesting place to stay because of its jaw-dropping views of nature so you must visit this place.


Travelling is love? Thinking where to go this time then here’s your plan for this time. Yelagiri is a hill station, also called as a small Ooty.  Earlier, this place was not a government property later government bought it from the zamindar of old times. The place is perfect for celebrating any of your occasion whether it’s your birthday or you want to surprise your partner it is the right fit. This is also renowned because of a host of adventure sports, such as paragliding and rock climbing. You can experience the thrill.


Vellore was a battlefield where the warriors used to fight were left with abandoned weapons like spears. Later, the place turned into a tourist attraction as people want to know what kind of architecture, weapons, and forts were in the past. If you are a person who likes the vibe of history and loves to spend hours in museum then get here. So it’s the exact location for anyone who likes to explore.

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