Situated along the alluring coastline of the Arabian Sea, Karnataka’s geographical location puts forward many of the most diverse tourist locations in India. Boasting terrains such as hills, forests, beaches, etc. Karnataka stands at a very prominent position in India’s historical heritage. The state is locked between the Western Ghats, Kannad Coast, and the Deccan Plateau which makes it the perfect destination for a getaway. With rural and urban lives juxtaposed together into this perfect historical state, the list of the places to visit while in Karnataka is exceptionally long. Here are a few best places from that list to visit in Karnataka. 


Surrounded by the Western Ghats mountains and lush rainforests, Agumbe is famous for its waterfalls, such as Onake Abbi, Bakarna and Jogi Gundi falls. House to tourist attractions suchs as the Sunset View Point that offers a stunning view of the forested valleys, and the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary which is the home to tigers, leopards and king cobras, Agumbe is a perfect destination for people who crave adventure in the beauty of wilderness.


Famous for its stunning architecture and historical heritage, Belgaum is home to several gorgeous locations of nature. The is full of ancient forts and temples that attract tourists from all across the globe. Circled by a moat, the large Belgaum Fort contains centuries-old mosques. The ancient Kapileshwara Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the many temples attracting pilgrims in Belgaum. The pink-stone St. Mary’s Church, with carved Gothic arches and a teak-and-marble altar is the perfect piece of Gothic beauty in this city. The cascading Dudhsagar falls make up for one of the most beautiful and serene locations in Karnataka. 


Renowned for its Chennakeshava Temple, one of the finest examples of Hoysala architecture, Belur is a town with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Shrouded in charismatic locations, the temple town of Belur is known for numerous architectural marvels and spiritual gems. Belur is the perfect destination for anyone who want to experience thrill of water sports in the Yagachi river and indulge in the historical wonders.


Known as the Garden City and the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, the capital of the state of Karnataka, proves to be a holiday destination for those seeking adventure. The center of India’s high-tech industry, the city is renowned for its parks and nightlife with its raging clubs and restaurants that attract a huge population of people on vacations all along the year.


A stunning hill station in Karnataka, Chikmagalur is full of scenic trails, the cascading Hebbe Falls, plantations, and grasslands leading up to mountain peaks offering a phenomenal experience in the nature. Home to Baba Budangiri, a mountain range in the Western Ghats, with 3 large caves which are said to be holy, Chikmagalur offers the best of nature’s tranquility. 


Famous as the Scotland of India, nestled amidst imposing mountains and descending waterfalls, Coorg is the perfect place for a retreat away from the hustle of the city. Forested hills, spice and coffee plantations dot the exotic scenery to offer a tranquil and scenic aura that will cleanse both your mind and body.


With the Kali river flowing through its heart, Dandeli is the perfect spot that will get your adrenaline rushing with its water sports and adventure activities. Offering plethora of activities such as river rafting, kayaking, wildlife safari, mountain biking, jungle camping, Dandeli is the destination to satiate your thirst for thrill amidst nature’s marvelous beauty.


Situated on the Kannad coast along the Arabian sea, Gokarna is a popular pilgrimage destination for Hindus, known for sacred sites like Mahabaleshwar Temple, which has a shrine dedicated to the deity Shiva. The town is also home to beaches such as palm-lined Gokarna which makes it a perfect place for someone who wants an escape from the monotony of life.


An ancient village with a rich historical and cultural heritage, Hampi is dotted with numerous ruined temple complexes from the Vijayanagara Empire. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is the home to  the 7th-century Hindu Virupaksha Temple on the south bank of the River Tungabhadra. One of the many architectural mavels of the city of ruins is a carved stone chariot that stands in front of the huge Vittala Temple. Hampi is the perfect destination for backpackers and people who want to immerse themselves in the rich history of ancient India.


Nestled amongst lush trees and gushing rivers, Kanakapura is a perfect retreat into nature away from the chaos of the city. With activities such as trekking, camping, bird-watching, and nature walks, this place is a hidden gem bountiful in greenery, waterfalls, and flora and fauna. 



A well kept secret of the state of Karnataka, Karwar lies on the Kannad coast at the mouth of the Kali river. Creating a natural harbour with protection against monsoon weather, this town is a hidden gem abundant in beauty of nature with its glimmering beaches, imposing mountains, and gushing waterfalls.


A perfect getaway from the doldrums of urban life, Kodachadri is a mountain peak with dense forests in the Western Ghats. Declared as a natural heritage site by the Karnataka Government, it is an absolute delight of nature with its forested terrains.


A major commercial center, Mangaluru is an Arabian sea port. Home to the Kadri Manjunath Temple, known for its bronze statues, and the 9th-century Mangaladevi Temple, it attracts a large number of pilgrims. The Milagres Church, dating to the 17th century, and St. Aloysious Chapel, which features interior paintings are also some famous tourist attractions in Mangaluru. The Tannirbhavi Beach offers a pristine sunset view.


Home to the second tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world, Murdeshwar is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides and the magnificent Western Ghats on the other. The adventure activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving around Netrani island are significant attractions for the tourists. Known for their rustic beauty, the Murdeshwar temple and fort also attract a large number of tourists. 


The city of palaces, Mysore (or Mysuru), was the capital of the Kingdom of Mysore from 1399 to 1947. Housing the opulent Mysore Palace, seat of the former ruling Wodeyar dynasty, the city contributes greatly to historical heritage of India. The palace blends Hindu, Islamic, Gothic and Rajput styles of architecture, attracting a large population of tourists. Mysore is also home to the centuries-old Devaraja Market, famous for spices, silk and sandalwood.


Known as the silk city and the land of seven hills in Karnataka, Ramanagara is a famous trekking and adventure destination in Karnataka because of its hilly and wide landscapes. The land where the iconic movie Sholay was shot, Ramanagar attracts several tourists and film buffs. 


A hill station in the Western Ghats, Sakleshpur is surrounded by slopes covered with tea, coffee and spice plantations. Offering views of sweeping mountains, the 18th-century, star-shaped Manjarabad Fort attracts a large number of tourists. The stunning Jenukallu Gudda peak offers vistas stretching as far as the Arabian Sea, making Sakleshpur a picturesque getaway from the city’s hustle.


Known for its historical heritage and Hindu temples, including the huge, 13th-century Sri Krishna Temple, which houses a statue of Lord Krishna, and the ancient Anantheshwara Temple dedicated to the god Shiva, Udupi attracts a large number of pilgrims. Besides the temples, Udupi houses the Corporation Bank Heritage Museum which features coins dating from 400 BC.

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