A picture in the dawn where a man sits beside yellow tent and stares at the sky


Waking up to the traffic snarls, you realize a quick break away from the city blues is what you seek. But where? Juggling all through the internet for Things to do, Best weekend plans, and stuff that seemed new, you decide to go to that top-rated destination where buckets of giggles and pouts frame together. After all, who wouldn’t want an insta-perfect weekend? However, if you are a kind of person of silences and dawns, just imagine wallowing under the blanket of sky in the silhouttes of nature and deafening silence is all you can see!! Spot on? Yes my friend! Time to gift yourself an experience of stargazing. 

A picture in the dawn where a man sits beside yellow tent and stares at the sky

Again a confusion!! Where to go? What to do? What if it is crowded? Fret not. This article covers the not so known and secluded destinations which are worth a merry for your much awaited retreat. And when I say secluded, don’t confuse it with isolated. You do find people- like minded people, with whom you can share your travel tales and get insights about  different aspects of travelling. Let’s dive in to know more..

1. Rann of Kutch- Gujarat:

Ever heard of white desert? Bravo if you did, if not mark your calender to witness the endless beauty of vast marshy and salty landscape. To give you a glimpse, Rann of Kutch is an astonishing landscape located in Gujarat with extreme temperatures. The Rann Utsav which is held during December-February gravitates travelers all across the globe to revel in the great cultural grandeur the place hosts. The authentic Bhungas and campsites aligned in the habitable regions of Kutch are most preferred places to accommodate. The old-school bonfire setup in the evening under the star-blanketed sky amid the chilly breezes is an experience worth a tick off your bucket list. To know more about Kutch, refer this article – 6 must-visit attractions of Kutch

So travelers, get set with your stargazing equipment and pack your bags to Rann of Kutch. 

2. Neil Island- Andaman

Less crowd, unbelievable beauty- a statement that best fits Neil Island. Neil island is for you if going to places that aren’t run-off-the-mill is what you love. Flanked with the beauty of exotic fauna and coral reefs teemed with tropical fish, the longing silence and vibrant fauna offers the solace you seek for. The sunsets and dawns are a perfect sight for nature lovers to frame the vainglorious beauty of Andaman. Also, wallowing under the gazillion of stars in the deafening silence is a virtue for few. Join on and plan your weekend for a perfect stargazing experience. 

A picture of boat in turquoise ocean waters amid the rocks- mounty-camping-trips-adventures

3. Katao- Sikkim:

When in Sikkim, Katao must be in your itinerary. Snuggled in the Northern part of Sikkim, Mt Katao is a spellbinding arena one can ever imagine. Though a tough trek and extensive military check ups land you up in Katao, the process is worth your patience. If you are an adventure lover, thumbs up! Katao is known for Skiing and snow tubing. You can have a whale of a time by reveling in the silence of this Himalayan majesty. The clear skies and snow virescence are heartthrob of every nature lover. The calm and soothing nights gives you an amazing experience of stargazing. However, along with the stargazing equipment, beginners need an expert or guide as the location has extreme temperatures. 


image of Mt Katao with snow spread mountains- mounty-camps-adventure-trips

4. Sunderbans

Mangroves on your mind? Never mind. Kudos to your geography knowledge. Digging a little deep, there are tonnes of tales which every traveler proudly boasts of. Sunderbans- justifying it’s name has got some of the extraordinary sights to stroll. From gushing river rapids to Tiger reserve, wildlife photographers can have a merry of time here at Sunderbans. Recognized as the UNESCO heritage site, the profound serenity and the lesser-known coastal trek makes a wholesome combo to witness the beauty of this Biosphere reserve. The nights here tune into the rhythm of fauna’s chatters and you can find astrophotograhers reveling in the marvel of this place. 

image of Sunderbans with trees and turquoise water- mounty- camps-adventure-trips

Well, there are prominent places like Ladakh, Pangong Tso, Spiti valley, Roopkund, and many more. Yet, the above mentioned 4 locations are well known for their tourism attractions but not for stargazing. On your next vacation, try these 4 exotic destinations and share your stargazing experience with your peers. 

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