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Top 11 Things To Do in Chitkul

Top 10 Things To Do in Chitkul

Known as the last inhabited village of India and situated in the gorgeous Kinnaur Valley which is the land between earth and paradise, Chitkul, is one of the most stunning places in Himachal Pradesh with natural and scenic beauty hugging it from all around. There are a lot of adventure plus unique activities to indulge in here for the most wholesome travel experience. This blog lists down the Top 10 things to do in Chitkul.

  1. Hiking- Hiking is the most popular activity to do in Chitkul. There is a small trail running from the Hindustan Ka Akhri Dhaba restaurant to the other side of the Baspa River which often goes unexplored as nobody resides there. However, it is a must-visit because of the easy yet amazing trekking experience in Chitkul that it offers via its lush greenery, walking trails and magnificent scenic beauty. 

2. See wood carvings- The wood-carving centre in Chitkul offers various wood-carving courses, along with offering many iconic pieces for seeing and sale purposes for tourists as well. 

3. Exploring the local temples- The temples in Chitkul have beautiful, ornate architecture plus designs. Doing a 360 round of them from the centre and letting your spirituality bloom would be great. Some famous temples for the same are- Kagyupa Temple (you can also learn about Buddhist Schools here) and Mathi Devi Temple. 

4. Walking till the Indo-Tiber Border- The Indo-Tiber border is only 3 km from Chitkul so it is a pleasant experience as you can walk till the first post there, enjoy the views and strike a conversation with the soldiers too. 

5. Fishing- this region is known for its trout fish so you can try your hand at fishing and catch some fresh trout fish- both brown as well as the rainbow trout fish. 

6. Photography- Himachal Pradesh is world-famous for the stunning views so Chitkul too is a paradise for anyone who likes to capture scenic beauty. 


7. Make a wish with 7 pebbles- Legends in Himachal Pradhesh says that when you make a non-materialistic wish after stacking 7 pebbles in a river there, it comes true so give it a try for sure. 

8. Enjoy and experience the culture- Culture in Himachal Pradesh is beautiful so a great thing to do while in Chitkul would be to interact with the locals, play with the kids there, pet a calf, wash your face with glacial water, have lunch at the rooftop cafe among so much more.

9.Eating the famous and delectable dishes of Chitkul that are Anardana Chicken, Momos and Thupka- The minced chicken recipes from Chitkul are a must-try for all non-vegetarians. However, this dish of Anardana Chicken is another unique chicken combination with pomegranate seeds and well-marinated chicken in spices, chillies and dry pomegranate seed. Also, most of Himachal Pradesh has a Tibetan influence in their food and cuisines hence having momos and thukpa are one of the best ideas here.

10. Indulging in some retail therapy for souvenirs- Sangla, which is a 1-hour drive from Chitkul, has some stores selling famous Himachali Handicraft pieces so anyone interested in that can pay a visit to Sangla for the same. Also, the very popular Kinnauri caps are the best souvenirs to shop from Chitkul and are available to buy locally near temples and the Kamru fort. 

11. Camping-Chitkul’s Baspa River is a water-body of crystal clear flowing water. The landscape around it is blissfully beautiful and along with being a great space for fishing, trekking, etc. It also makes for a great camping site in Chitkul.

Allow yourself to be mesmerised by the jaw-dropping views of the glorious vistas that Chitkul offers and get set to explore this off-beat destination as a great twist to the traditionally well-known regions in there. We hope you found some cool hill station inspiration to travel to! 

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