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10 Best Things To Do in Jim Corbett

Best Things To Do in Jim Corbett

The first ever National Park to be built in Asia, Jim Corbett is one of the most popular destinations in Uttarakhand. Home to a beautiful plethora of wild animals, birds and flora, there is quite a bit to do in Jim Corbett. From adventure activities to soothing, sightseeing attractions, this blog lists the best things to do in Jim Corbett.

  1. Jeep Safari- of course the very first thing to do in Jim Corbett is the infamous Jeep Safari tour! The open-air jeep makes you explore, take a deep dive into the national park and spot exotic animals like red fox, leopards, elephants, black bears and Bengal Tigers among more. 

2. Camping- Jim Corbett is a forested wildlife sanctuary in Uttarakhand so it is a given that the wilderness of nature and wild camps around the National park mesmerises its visitors by giving the best camping experience! Camping in Jim Corbett is thus a must-do to make the most out of this trip and reside amidst the forests to get a a more real experience of it the place. 

3. Bird Watching- Jim Corbett boasts of having a rich diversity of over 650 bird species! So carrying your binoculars, keeping an eye out for the birds flying around while roaming around the serene green spaces there, is an amazing activity to do! 

4. Trekking- while trekking is not allowed in the core area of the national park, Sitabani is a great place to trek, explore the forests by foot and spot exotic animals amidst the interesting trails! 

5. Mountain Biking- Jim Corbett’s clean, even, undisturbed trails make cycling around the rivers, looking at the scenic beauty a very soothing experience so do take some time out and cycle your heart out! 

6. River crossing and river rafting- river crossing involves going across the river via a thick rope and feeling the water crashing below your feet! River rafting is letting the crashing waves sway your raft and having a full-blown water sport experience. The Kosi River near Jim Corbett is best for these fun activities.

7. Rock Climbing- another challenging plus thrilling activity, conquering any Himalayan Mountain is a great feeling, From amateur to professionals, rock-climbing in Jim Corbett can be taken by all with proper safety gear provided and the reward of the climb being sweeping views of the mountain ranges! 

8. Rappelling- less challenging than rock-climbing but equally adrenaline-rushing, rappelling involves sliding down a rope while facing a mountain and enjoyed amazing views from your vantage point! Rappelling in Jim Corbett can easily be undertaken for a great experience. 

9. Strolling by Kosi River and Photography- The Kosi River near Jim Corbett is the most fulfilling and peaceful spot. You can simply walk around or sit to let the breeze calm your mind, click pictures of the picturesque landscapes and enjoy being in the lap of nature.

10. Fishing- Ramganga river in Jim Corbett that flows across the National Park has numerous local fishes that can be caught and cooked. In fact, hunter turned conservationist- Jim Corbett himself discovered good fishing opportunities within this river! 

Accoladed with being India’s most prestigious National Park, Jim Corbett is simply a haven for wildlife and nature lovers. This paradise has a lot of thrilling activities to engage in, a plethora of fauna to spot and much more so we hope now you are equipped and geared to pay it a visit! 

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