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10 Best Things To Do in Dhanaulti

Best Things To Do in Dhanaulti

Perched at an elevation of over 2200 meters above sea level, Dhanaulti is a majestic little town which has become a super popular weekend getaway thanks to its proximity to major cities like Delhi NCR and a big bundle of things to indulge in! This blog lists things to do in Dhanaulti to make the most out of your trip! 


  1. Zip Lining and Zip Swinging-adrenaline-inducing activities, Zip Lining and Zip Swinging are a must-do thing in Dhanaulti which involve crossing spaces between mountains via a wire rope and then swinging up from the middle to come back! 

2. Sky walking and Sky bridging- the new adventure activities are all about walking on ropes with a pulley attached, crossing a hanging bridge while wearing a harness which are definitely daring yet very thrilling things to do! 

3. Camping- Dhanaulti is one of the prominent hill stations in India and great for camping. The famous eco-camps, adventure camps attract visitors around the year. Explore the untouched beauty of Himalayas by residing amidst scenic landscapes and natural beauty. 

4. Trekking- something that excites everyone, Trekking in Dhanaulti promises scenic grandeur of the Himalayas. Some famous treks are the Lal Tibba Trek or the Gun Hill Trek among many others. The routes and pathways are full of magnificent veiws, lush greenery and undeniable fun! 

5. Rock Climbing and rappelling- These are demanding and determining activities but a must do in Dhanaulti. With rocks ranging from 70-85 ft and more, climbing them and also coming down in the backdrop of a waterfall via a rope are great adrenaline-inducing exercises! 

6. Paragliding- an adventure that takes you flying across the sky and give you thrills plus tremendous views of the snow-capped mountain ranges, Paragliding in Dhanaulti is something that will make your stay worthwhile and push you out of your comfort zone as you experience something out of this world!

7. Cave Exploration- On Dhanaulti-Buranskhanda road is the hidden cave of Pndava’s sitting amidst beautiful alpine meadows and imposing tress of Deodar, Pine, Apricot and Oak plus Walnut. Exploring these will give a small glimpse of the earlier times! 

8. Mountain Biking- the best way to explore this glittery town of Dhanaulti is to go on a biking ride which is not only going to be enthralling but also therapeutic for your mind.  

9. Boating- the Company Garden is a beautiful landscape and artificial lake space that offers fun boating so do pay a visit here and have a good day with the family! 

10. Skating- Dhanaulti has a lot of skating rinks and even the largest skating rink in India! Jaypee Resort Skating rink, Kulri Bazaar Skating Rink and Disco Skating rink are some of the most popular ones so trying your hand (or rather legs) at skating would be a must-do thing while in Dhanaulti. 

Emerging as a gem for a great winter destination, the tinsel town of Dhanaulti is known for its tranquil vistas and ton of activities to immerse yourself in! We hope you are all set to head out and visit Dhanaulti now with a good comprehensive list of things to must do there! 

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