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Easy discovery & booking platform for Unique stays & Exciting things to do across India at low prices with best service
Things we offer to our Customers
Discover and Book Camping and Adventures to do in India
Unique Stays
Camping Cottages Igloo Homestays Entire House Houseboat Treehouse Entire Homes
Things to do
Adventure Sports Trekking Day Trips Nightlife Events Transfers and rentals
What makes us Unique?
Discover and Book Camping and Adventure to do in India
Every Experience is Audited
Every experience on the platform goes through an extensive audit process which includes safety, amenities & cleanliness. We are not a classified listing platform!
Security & Safety is Top Priority
We ensure security and Safety remains at the top, and that’s why we make sure SOPs are followed strictly. We work only with licensed & accredited partners
Quality over Quantity
Only 1 out of 10 Experiential stay & adventure who apply to get listed on the platform actually goes available for booking. We only offer experiences that meet our standards & can give best experience to our customers
Our Story

From 2012 to 2017, Our leadership team worked with many corporates, colleges, schools and institutions to organise adventure group trips and in these 6 years we understood HOTELS are old and unconventional and people are looking for more experimental places to spend their vacations but hard to discover.

After intensive ground work for more than 2 years, we discovered a lot of Camping Sites, Igloos, Homestays, Cottages exist at most uncrowded and virgin destinations , which can't be discovered if you have never been there. We thought to make these stays available by making it more organised keeping in mind amenities, safety and cleanliness.

And Voila! MOUNTY took Birth after nurturing it for more than 2 years.


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How do we make it possible?
Discover and Book Camping and Adventures to do in India
Every Stay/Adventure Experience get audited
Our Ground team audits the place/experience on the basis of 25 checklist points before we make it available to you
Collaborate with partner for best negotiated prices & quality support
We do the toughest hard work "Negotiation" for you & give you a piece of mind that you are getting the best deal available anywhere. We even guarantee you that you will never get our price anywhere with such features & amenities.
Drone Videography and DSLR Photography
Every experience has professional drone videography and photography to help our customers know the place better.
High quality post booking support
Unlike any other company, We don't want you to stand in a queue of customer support IVR. C'mon you are on Holiday and hence we provide you a dedicated person who will help and assist you anytime you need before, during and after checkout.
Our Values & Promises
Embrace the Nature
Nature stands first and we stand hard to preserve it by being a responsible company with responsible guests. We work with NGOs who work toward preserving nature, deforestation and other cruel acts.
Customer is King
We stanby with customer satisfaction at the top level and we never want to let anyone have a Bad Experience with us.
Empower Rural Economy
Most of our stay and adventure partners belong from a very low income group but they are very cheerful, helpful and excited to host you. We believe empowering rural economy is empowering the Nation.
Safety, Security & Cleanliness
We take this factor very seriously and ensure each experience we are providing at our platform meets these basic needs before it goes live to the customer.
Lowest Price Guarantee
We are building the company of trust, respect and transparency. Our Employees, Partners and customers are always treated with respect and empower them to trust us for their next vacation.
Our Mission
Be India’s largest platform for quality managed experiential stays and adventure experiences in India
Save Natural sites by empowering rural communities to monetize the land they have
Get more people outside under the stars with a bonfire
Work on higher customer satisfaction & best experiences
Leadership Team
Our Team consists of young individuals with an average age of 25 who work with the passion to serve you better anytime and every time.
Harshvardhan Tiwari
Co-Founder and CEO
Anand Siddharth
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Mujeeb Khan
Head of Operations
Join Our Squad
We are driven by our mission to get more people outside & believe connecting with nature is essential to a happy & healthy human life. We are Hiring, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
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